I’m Leilani Reid

Educator, mentor, and holistic entrepreneur dedicated to sharing my offerings to help you step into the highest vision of yourself.

Hi! Nice to meet you….

 My BIGGEST passion is helping others create a spiritual connection in their life and re-align with their inner world.  Now more than ever, in a world that seems uncertain and upside down, we need to tap into the true source of who we are. I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to suffer immensely from the stress of running a super demanding business, being a mom to two kids, being a wife, being a good friend, being a good family member, etc. all while trying to keep my inner world looking as fabulous as my outer world. 

Without the tools that I will share with you in my courses, I would have broken into a thousand pieces.  Thankfully, through dedicated study from the early age of 19 with teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Rod Stryker – I was exposed to the transformational power of many treasured spiritual practices and have woven them into creating a life I love. Fast forward 20 years into my spiritual journey and I can wholeheartedly say these practices work and I want them to work for you too!


I look forward to welcoming you into my community.


What our Students Have to Say

“I really got a lot out of Leilani’s Hot Yoga training.  I loved that she knew exactly what she wanted to teach us and approached the whole series in a methodical way. It made it so easy to learn and remember. I finished the training feeling totally informed and ready to go teach.  She also kept to timelines which I really appreciated and is not always done in the yoga world.  She is warm and friendly and you really feel that she genuinely cares for her students and wants the absolute best for them.”


Jocelyn Gordon

“Firstly I knew the moment Leilani decided to host the training that I “Had” to take it with her! Her energy and passion were what drew me to want her to be my teacher. I never once felt uncomfortable or inadequate throughout the two levels.Making sure that we understood and were confident to take this healing energy and share it with others. And I love love love that she teaches from her heart…”


Michelle Merry

“Leilani has this amazingly beautiful energy, the knowledge, skill and compassion to help others radiates from her! When I walk out of the yoga studio I feel empowered and energetic, I absolutely love her classes and am so grateful I had the opportunity to take one of her trainings and learn from her ❤ I can’t wait to learn more from her!”


Ashley Meier