The Manifesting Method

You’ve tried the secret, law of attraction and so many other ‘magic’ ways to manifest, it’s time to finally breakthrough the mystery and truly embody your 5 star life.


Are you done feeling frustrated every time you try to manifest a goal but then hit a plateau? You’re doing everything you’ve read about from journaling to vision boards and still not making progress, even worse, questioning if you are on the right path anymore.  If you’re ready to end the cycle of failed attempts and take your dreams to the next level…..



Why your manifesting attempts aren’t working despite everything you’re doing….

After spending the last 25 years,  honing and fine tuning my manifesting system,  what I learned was that most popular books and trainings on manifesting don’t address the most important issue that keeps people blocked or plateaued from achieving their desires!

Pay attention because this is one of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll ever learn in your manifesting journey & if you don’t understand it, it could cost you the 5 star life you dream of and deserve. 


Understanding that manifesting is a spiritual practice rooted in science, with a true inside-out approach needed for success.

What most people think is that they just have to change their thoughts,  use fancy affirmations or just picture what they want in their mind and it will come — but what they’re missing is the CRUCIAL step that comes before anything else!

It’s like building your beautiful  new dream house in a junk yard – you wouldn’t do that! You have to clear and tidy up the land first, in this case, it’s the clearing of the foundation,  your energy field. 

Without a basic understanding of how your energetic system works and finding out where you are blocked, no amount of changing your subconscious mind,  gratitude or affirmations will work. That’s why every time you get to a certain point you hit a plateau, because you haven’t dealt with the root cause – your past energy  blocks. 

 The truth is you’re here to embody your heart’s desires. To dive into the turquoise waters of your dreams and wake up every morning with a deep & powerful knowing that your next chapter is going to be an absolute page turner. 

can you imagine…


visualize this with me for a sec.

Sipping your morning beverage as you enjoy the dreamy view off your sunny and lush plant filled terrace.  Overwhelming gratitude flows through you as you realize that this is your new home!  A year ago you would have never thought this was possible because you were so stuck in old patterns of scarcity and lack.

Looking into the eyes of your loving partner who embodies all the qualities and characteristics you could ever want and more! Removing the long lingering blocks in your energy was the key to finally receiving the healthy and happy relationship  of your dreams. 

Waking up in the morning with a burst of excitement! Rekindling that hopeful exhuberance of a child as you witness the proof of your manifestations appearing around you. No longer do you feel blocked or frustrated because you don’t know the next step – your energy feels expansive and flowing like anything is possible.

Eagerly planning out your next year of desires, as taught in the Manifesting Method system,  with the intention that everything will work out better than you can imagine.  Seeing your deepest desires arise from the energy of your authentic self, free from the opinion of others, is the most empowering feeling ever.


The Manifesting Method

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 25 years of experience and practice with teachers like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra and turned it into a 5-Step System to align with what you really want, remove past energy blocks and design your 5 star life with an easy to follow roadmap of  your next 12 months.

Since I first started manifesting when I was 20 years old, I went from having nothing but big dreams to pinch myself every morning as I sip my coffee looking over my 40 acres of pure heaven.  From my first ‘successful’ manifestation which was a pair of Gucci sunglasses to my dream husband and children, 2 successful businesses, a loyal community of friends, optimal health and being able to retire at 45 (and that’s just the coles notes!)  My focus now is teaching and sharing the exact method I’ve used to bring forth my deepest desires into reality. I’ve helped my 1-1 clients claim their dreams and now I want to help you do the same.  


I’m handing over the step-by-step system I used to get there.
WHILE EVERYONE’S OFF HANGING OUT ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK, YOU’LL BE BUSY aligning and designing your best Freaking life. 


What’s Inside The Manifesting Method


What is Manifesting?

We get into the details of what it is, your past experiences, what’s worked and what hasn’t. 

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– The energetic origins of manifesting
– Why it’s essential to understand frequency so you can see yourself as a generator of your innermost desires
– How to understand what is causing the blockages in your energy field
– What you can do to remove energetic blocks and change your current frequency


Uncovering your Soul’s Desires

I share my exact process on how to determine what you really, truly want using my 5 Pillars of Potential template.   

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– The process for unveiling your true desires, in a way that makes you feel seen for who you truly are.

-How to connect with the higher vision of yourself to fast track your manifestations 
– The creative design of my method that will serve as your rinse and repeat system to use again and again.  


Getting Rid of Resistance

Module Three will get to the heart of your resistance to receiving so that we can expose and prevent any attempts at self sabotage!

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– The techniques that I’ve used to override FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)
– What to do when you get trapped in a limiting thought trap and how to use that trap as a powerful manifesting hack
– How to easily and quickly neutralize a trigger in its’ tracks before it ruins your day.


The 5 Principles of Manifesting

Module five I’ll show you my exact plan on how to bring your desires into your reality. This is the secret sauce. 

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– The 5 crucial principles that have to be taken to manifest your 5 star life 
– Techniques and practices that accompany these principles


Setting you up for SUCCESS

I’ll walk you through the final project, your Manifesting Map, that will be your compass for the next year of your journey.

Inside of this module I will walk you through: 
– Your 6 month and 1 year Manifesting Map
– How to keep your manifesting pillars relevant and aligned with your current state
– The art of reflection and celebration of all progress, big and small
– How to use your Manifesting tracker and Troubleshooting guide for when something isn’t working


“Leilani’s course was a beautiful journey of deep self-exploration. It took a uniquely holistic approach to engaging a wide variety of daily energy practices to reach and maintain a higher, greater version of self. It made daily rituals and self-care so accessible and desirable, that they are now fundamental and core to who I am. My meditation practice is stronger, my intuition more present, and my future goals more clear. Leilani left no stone unturned on this path of beautiful discovery. I am forever shifted and more aligned.”

-Ashley Ekelund



You are ready for….

Your 5 Star Life

What’s Included in this intimate group training:

    • 5 modules  that can be completed at your own pace over our 6 month coaching container.  You have lifetime access to the course and any updates I do in the future.
    • We will have 10 live training zoom classes plus weekly coaching calls with me (all recorded if you can’t make it).
    • Private Community- As this is a small class size, we will be a gathering of like minded women, all ready to support and celebrate each other’s wins!
    • Other fun surprises- I bring in my community of experts who will give you additional tools to add to your manifesting toolbox
So how much does it cost?


This is NOT your average MANIFESTING course! You will be receiving access to my comprehensive 25 years of spiritual study, practice and teachings within an INTIMATE + CONNECTED group training. If you have tried manifesting before and have given up because of past failures, be prepared to finally BLAST through the obstacles that have kept you from living from your HIGHEST self. Rooted in the SCIENCE of energy, guided by SPIRITUAL principles, this training is a BOLD creation of my life’s work – to teach you that the life you have been waiting for is CLOSER than you think! Together we will ILLUMINATE the path forward from a place of INTEGRITY + AUTHENTICITY. No fake facades allowed, time to bring forth what you REALLY, TRULY want.



6 Monthly Payments of $279


A one-time payment of $1497


12 Monthly Payments of $147