Are you ready to dive into the study of YOU and say YES to your transformation and growth?


Honor your past. Ignite your inner power. Blaze your new path.

You know you should be feeling a deeper sense of CONNECTION and FULFILLMENT in your life…. but have no clue how to make it happen.  Some days you feel like you are barely keeping your head above water and just want to be rescued already.  It’s in these challenging times that you desperately wish someone would have taught you how to navigate the most important relationship of all. The one with your SELF. Without a clear understanding of how your mind, body and spirit are intricately connected, you are left feeling like nothing is in your control.

Become empowered by exploring your inner world.


The Spiritual Solution

A 12 week online training intentionally designed to teach you how to develop a deeper connection within, build spiritual fortitude and shed limiting beliefs as you re-design your life from the highest vision of you – in just 15 minutes a day.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you will…

Have a toolbox of time tested spiritual practices that will have an immediate positive impact in all areas of your life – for as long as you choose to use them!
Be ready to show up for your life and be your own solution, free from the external validation of those around you.
Know what is keeping you from living a meaningful life and learn how to clear those blocks to find true contentment within.
Be connected to a higher source and confident in the knowing that everything you need is within.
Understand the connection between energy and spirituality and know how to raise the frequency of your life.
Cultivate your intuition through practice and learn to trust it to guide your decisions and choices.

What’s Included:


12 weeks of online lessons, practices and assignments


Monthly group zoom meetings for sharing and questions


Lifetime access to all course materials


Anytime access to me on the Voxer app for questions and clarity


Access to all future learning materials added to the course ie: new meditations and practices


Option to book a private 1 HR spiritual action plan coaching session with me. Only available with this course!

Reconnect. Reinvent. Realign.

You found this training for a reason, there are no coincidences.  Part of you is longing for a deeper meaning in your life  but you aren’t sure where to start.  The spiritual solution focuses on the study of your internal world so that you can acknowledge and honor what is holding you back from your core desires . As you re-design and align with the highest vision of you, you will create a clear plan to map your path forward.


Here’s What You’ll Learn

MODULE 1 & 2

Demystifying Spirituality

What is spirituality? From a modern perspective woven with time honored practices, you will learn what spirituality is and what it is not.  You will get clear on your desired outcome of the course and learn how to incorporate daily meditation into your life.
MODULE 3 & 4

Your Energetic Blueprint

Why is your life the way it is? What is keeping you stuck in old patterns? It has everything to do with energy.  Learn how to shift your perspective to an energetic, spiritual being and uncover what low energy signals are causing your problems.  Begin to peel off the layers of who you think you are in order to transform your past blueprints.
MODULE 5 & 6

Healing the Chakra System

How are imbalances and blockages in your chakra system affecting all aspects of your life? Learn how these imbalances can affect your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.  An in depth look at the qualities and characteristics of each chakra and the physical and emotional issues that they can attribute to when out of harmony.  Learn how identify and heal an imbalanced chakra to bring the energetic body back into balance.
MODULE 7 & 8

Your Intuitive World

Did you know that every answer to your current problem is always available to you? When you learn how connect to source energy and tune into and trust your intuition, you will never feel alone or separate again.  Discover how to use the energy of your thoughts to purposely create the outcomes you desire.
MODULE  9 & 10

The Highest Vision of YOU

Map out your future so that it unfolds with grace and purpose with the compass aiming towards living your best authentic life.   This new self awareness will allow you to create a life that reflects the highest vision of you,  free from limiting beliefs and doubts. Your toolbox of spiritual practices and techniques will continue to optimize your life and radiate positive transformation, as long as you continue to incorporate and embrace them.

One-time Payment


Split Payment

3x $237

“Leilani leaves no stone unturned.”

“Leilani’s Spiritual Solution course was a beautiful journey of deep self-exploration. It took a uniquely wholistic approach to engaging a wide variety of daily energy practices to reach and maintain a higher, greater version of self. It made daily rituals and self-care so accessible and desirable, that they are now fundamental and core to who I am. My meditation practice is stronger, my intuition more present, and my future goals more clear. Leilani left no stone unturned on this path of beautiful discovery. I am forever shifted and more aligned.


Hi! I’m Leilani and I am passionate about helping others create a spiritual connection in their life and re-align with their inner world.

Now more than ever, in a world that seems uncertain and  upside down, we need to tap into the true source of who we are.  I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to suffer immensely from the stress of running a super demanding business, being a mom to two kids, being a wife, being a good friend, being a good family member, etc. all while trying to keep my inner world looking as fabulous as my outer world. Without the tools that I will share with you in my courses, I would have broken into a thousand pieces.  Thankfully, through dedicated study from the early age of 19 with teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Rod Stryker – I was exposed to the transformational power of many treasured spiritual practices and have woven them into creating a life I love. Fast forward 20 years into my spiritual journey and I can wholeheartedly say these practices work and I want them to work for you too!

Let’s begin your journey.