Ready to Manifest Your Dream Life?

You’ve tried the secret, law of attraction and so many other ‘magic’ ways to manifest, so why aren’t you getting the results?

Because you’re trying to DIY it and missing important pieces along the way.  ‘The Manifesting Method’ is my 6 month group training program where you’ll work directly with me and move through my proven 5 Step System to remove your blocks, fill in the missing pieces and manifest the dream life you deserve!


Waking up every morning, infused with excitement and the powerful knowing that your next chapter is going to be a page-turner.
Diving head-first into the turquoise waters of your dreams, unhindered by past energy blocks or uncertainties.

Embodying your heart’s desires and living the life you deserve,  the dream life pinned on your vision board.


The Manifesting Method

Our approach tackles manifestation at its core. It helps you comprehend your energetic system, identify the energy blocks holding you back, and clear them to make room for the manifestation of your heart’s desires.


How The Manifestation Method Works

A Comprehensive Inside-Out Approach to Manifestation

Manifesting isn’t merely about changing your thoughts, reciting a collection of affirmations, or visualizing your desires. While these steps are important, they’re only a small part of the picture. Successful manifestation is a spiritual practice, deeply rooted in science, requiring a comprehensive inside-out approach. And here’s where many falter, missing out on the CRUCIAL first step!

Think about it – would you construct a dream house on a junkyard? Definitely not! You’d clear and prepare the land first. Similarly, in the realm of manifestation, the land is your energetic field. It needs to be tidied, cleared, and prepped before anything else.

No amount of subconscious reprogramming, gratitude practice, or affirmations will produce the results you desire unless you understand your energetic system and identify where you are blocked. That’s why you seem to always hit a plateau just when you thought you were making progress – your energy blocks, remnants from the past, are still in place. 

This is where “The Manifestation Method” steps in.

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Want to get clear on what you really, really want and say goodbye to those energy blocks that have been keeping you in a cycle of repetition.


Want a path to success that isn’t clouded with uncertainty, but illuminated with a focused, proven strategy.


You have a strong sense that there is more you should be experiencing. You see it clearly but getting there seems too big and your feelings of not enough surface to make you lose faith and focus.


You’re not sure where your blocks are or what is keeping you stuck from reaching the next level. You often feel like giving up and accepting that it’s not meant to be, even though your heart is telling you the opposite.

meet your

Manifestation Expert and Guide

I’m Leilani Reid – more than just another self-proclaimed online manifestation “expert.” With 25 years of devoted learning and practice, mentored by luminaries like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, I’ve walked the very path you tread today.

I’ve grappled with the same questions, yearned for more, and felt the frustration when affirmations seemed to fall short. I’ve stood at the crossroads, considering radical change, until that transformative “aha” moment illuminated my way.

From these personal trials, I’ve woven a tapestry of insight. Melding my experiences with the wisdom of these esteemed mentors, I’ve honed the art of manifestation to reshape not only my own life but also the destinies of countless women who, like me, yearned for more.

Now, it’s your time to shine. Unite with your authentic desires, dissolve past energy barriers, and ascend toward your radiant dream life.

Let’s journey together, unlocking your true potential and orchestrating your dreams into reality.

Manifestation is a journey, not a destination.


With “The Manifestation Method,” I’m here to share with you the manifesting techniques that work. I’ve spent years honing this method, ensuring it effectively tackles the most common issues that keep people blocked or plateaued. Now, I want to guide you through the same process, so you can finally manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of – the life you deserve.

Ready to embark on your journey to transformation? I’m here, ready to guide you every step of the way.

What’s Inside The Manifesting Method


Our Journey Across six Months


Clearing the Blocks

We kickstart the program by diving deep into the very essence of manifesting – what it is, your past experiences, what has worked, and what hasn’t. In this module, I guide you through:
The energetic origins of manifesting.
The importance of understanding frequency to manifest your innermost desires.
Identifying the root cause of your energy blockages.
Techniques to remove energetic blocks and shift your current frequency.

Month TWO

Unveiling your Soul’s Desires

This module is where we align with your genuine desires using my 5 Pillars of Potential template. We dive into:
The process of unveiling your authentic desires, helping you feel seen and validated.
Techniques to connect with your higher self, fast-tracking your manifestations.
The creative foundation of my method, designed for repeat use in your journey.


Conquering Resistance

We tackle the heart of resistance, uncovering and preventing potential self-sabotage. In this module, I guide you through:
Effective techniques to override FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).
Strategies to escape limiting thought traps and turn them into potent manifesting hacks.
Quick and easy ways to neutralize triggers before they impact your day.


Mastering the 5 Principles of Manifesting

Discover the secret sauce to manifesting – my personal approach to making your desires a reality. This module covers:
The 5 essential principles to manifest your 5-Star life.
Techniques and practices that accompany these principles.

month FIVE

Preparing for Success

In the final module, we wrap up by setting you up for success with your Manifesting Map, your compass for the next year of your journey. Here, I walk you through:
Creating your personalized 6-month and 1-year Manifesting Map.
Keeping your manifesting pillars relevant and aligned with your evolving state.
The art of reflecting and celebrating progress, big and small.
Using your Manifesting Tracker and Troubleshooting Guide when facing challenges.

Your Path to Transformation

Hear from Those Who’ve Walked it

“Leilani’s course was a beautiful journey of deep self-exploration. It took a uniquely holistic approach to engaging a wide variety of daily energy practices to reach and maintain a higher, greater version of self. It made daily rituals and self-care so accessible and desirable, that they are now fundamental and core to who I am. My meditation practice is stronger, my intuition more present, and my future goals more clear. Leilani left no stone unturned on this path of beautiful discovery. I am forever shifted and more aligned.”

-Ashley Ekelund

Everything Included in the intimate 6 Month Group Training:


A personalized, hands on learning experience that sets the foundation for your future success, taught by a veteran teacher.


A welcome package mailed to you, with your very own Energy Block testing kit that will make it easier and more accurate for you to find your blocks. (BONUS – I teach you how to use this tool to test others as well!)


A private 30 minute Confirm and Clear energy session with Leilani via zoom.


Five Monthly Modules, for you to complete within our 6-month course container.


10 LIVE training zoom classes all recorded for your convenience. Every 2 weeks we meet for a live class where I deep dive into teaching you the keys to my manifesting system.


Weekly group coaching calls! Once a week I jump on for 1 hr to help answer your questions, keep you accountable, troubleshoot and celebrate your wins.


A completed 12 month Manifestation Roadmap – your guide that will get you closer to your dream life, everyday. 


As your personal manifestation guide, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Private text support with me, replies within 24 hrs. 

A supportive community of like-minded individuals, ready to celebrate your wins!

BONUS –  Pop up classes from expert guests to enhance your manifesting journey.


BONUS – Custom Chakra balancing frequency meditations to help you stay in a balanced optimal manifesting state.  

The Investment

This isn’t your average manifesting course. You’re gaining access to a comprehensive collection of my 25 years of spiritual study, practice, and teachings. If you’ve tried manifesting before and felt let down, prepare to finally shatter those barriers and live from your highest self.

Rooted in the science of energy and guided by spiritual principles, this training embodies my life’s work – showing you that the life you’ve been yearning for is closer than you think. Together, we’ll illuminate your path forward, with integrity and authenticity at the core.

No facades, no superficial desires – this is about bringing forth what you truly want, and stepping into the dream life you deserve. Let’s manifest together! If after 6 months, you follow my system and don’t see any transformations in your life, then I will refund your tuition. That’s my guarantee from a place of integrity.

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