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Learn more about our online yoga certification and how you can make the practice you love into something much more.

Get Certified Your Way

An Online Yoga School Designed for You.

Leilani Reid Yoga offers a one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary teacher training program that provides depth, fun, community, and an opportunity to transform your life through committed practice in yoga and teaching.

The program is designed for dedicated yoga students who wish to enhance their connection to yoga and spirituality, aspiring yoga teachers, as well as current teachers who are seeking to bring more depth to their practice and teaching through continued study.

Our 200 HR training is non-dogmatic and does not adhere to one specific style or system of yoga. The instruction you receive is well rounded and integrates principles of teaching that are most generally supported in the yoga industry, this far exceeds most trainings.

The comprehensive knowledge on the body, poses, history of yoga, philosophy, meditation, breath, and more sets a foundation to develop your own teaching style and voice. ​

Our Online Yoga School


We’re in the process of building and designing a unique Online Yoga School! Although the information found here is valid, our online school is not yet available to our students. If you’d like to study with us, please explore our Spring 2021 Studio Training with our partners at No Limits Fitness!

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What makes us Special

Why Choose Leilani Reid?

Through her trainings and classes, Leilani has created an inspired community of dedicated teachers and students. Her unique method of teaching has a way of leading students to their own soul’s calling.

The core intention of Leilani’s trainings is to exceed her student’s expectations.  Continuing on as a mentor and friend, she goes above and beyond for the prosperity of her online community of students and teachers. 

When you become a part of Leilani’s offerings, you join a family of like minded and supportive people all eager for your success.

She proves that by following your passions with courage, you move closer to building a life you love.

Years of Experience

Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated teacher with years of experience.

A Supportive Community

Explore the bonds of mentorship and friendship within Leilani’s long-standing community of like-minded people.

Our Digital Program

The Benefits of Online Learning


No Travel, No Parking, No Jet Lag

That’s a huge cost saving in hassle, commute, flights, hotels, childcare, or time. The technology now exists to make an in- depth, highly interactive training possible. It’s empowering and amazing.

Pause, Rewind & Review

We need to hear something multiple times before truly understanding it and then feel comfortable teaching it. With online, you can literally pause, rewind, and review. The content gets to sink in at your pace and at your preference to contemplate. Students tell us they love being able to re-watch videos, especially denser ones like all the poses, anatomy or Sanskrit. ​

Resources for Life

We would do anything to re-listen to all the incredible lectures from our teachers so many years ago. With this online training, you have these resources for your reference always. Re-watching and learning new things every time you return to the dozens (and dozens) of audios and videos. Once you graduate, you keep access to all this material. It’s here for you, indefinitely.


Our goal is for you to graduate. That’s why we run the training LIVE so you move through the experience with the rest of your class. If life throws you a curveball, you retain access to all the material – and you still have up to 12 months to complete the graduation requirements.

Choose Your Path

Explore Our Courses

Join Leilani Reid for one of our unique and intuitive online learning courses.


Our online courses are currently under construction. Once complete, our available online courses will be displayed here.

Do you have questions about our online school? Be sure to contact us to learn more!

Need Answers?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites?

We believe yoga should be accessible for all people! Having a passion for yoga is the main prerequisite.

How long will it take to complete?

The course is self paced. You can complete it as your schedule allows.

Is online training effective?

Yes! I believe that online training may be even more effective than in-person training. I’ve condensed all the best practices over ten years of in-person training down to a rich, structured curriculum designed to take full advantage of multiple mediums for different learning styles.

The schedule is self-paced and flexible. Power through all content as one immersive experience, or make it work for your schedule. The Mentorship add-on creates additional opportunity for direct guidance that is rarely this comprehensive during in-person experiences. 

Online programming also creates the unique opportunity for you to revisit any content for a full year, regardless of when you complete your certification. Finally, taking things online allows me to offer my knowledge at a fraction of the cost of an in-person training.

Is this training Yoga Alliance certified?

Yes. Leilani Reid yoga is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance typically requires that training hours be in-person, rather than online. This requirement has been temporarily lifted due to health and safety concerns from COVID-19. Graduates who complete all required modules by December 30, 2021 will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

Please note that Yoga Alliance is a private entity and an optional international body that qualified teachers may pay to register with. Registration with Yoga Alliance is not a requirement for obtaining teachers’ insurance or legal protection.

Can I teach yoga after completing this training?

Yes! My online training is designed to provide all the hands-on practice, theoretical knowledge, and confidence you need to teach.

Is the entire training online?

Yes. All required materials are online and can be taken at your own pace.

What system requirements are needed for this training?

A computer, smartphone, or tablet capable of viewing videos, live streams, webpage, and pdf content.

A webcam, smartphone, or camera capable of recording yourself. Don’t worry – nothing fancy is needed! We will provide all the tips and tricks you need for self-recording.

A working internet connection capable of viewing streamed video.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer 3 month and 5 month payment plans. Contact us to learn more.